What is ProDRT?

     Professional Deduction Race Timer (ProDRT) is a unique timing system developed for racing.


Why was ProDRT created?

     ProDRT is not only for the teams of racers, but was made especially for drivers, and navigators of rally racing events. ProDRT allows you to quickly view times against other racers and shows rank positions, instantly.


What are some of ProDRT's features?

  • Add a seemingly infinite number of drivers/racers.
  • Track up to five-hundred (500) checkpoints/laps/pits.
  • ProDRT shows rank positions, instantly, the moment times are recorded.
  • Optionally, include a deduction time, which is common in rally racing events.
  • Save a list of racers on the night before the race, and then load it any time.
  • Lock the table against editing while still allowing times to be recorded.
  • Rename each column's name (eg: checkpoint/lap/pit) to suit your needs.


  • Easy-to-use GUI with important information always visible.

  • Input racer information including number and name.

  • Optionally, include individual deduction time for stagger-start races.

  • Instantly view position rank as times are recorded.

  • Lock the table, rename columns, or add laps quickly.

  • Rename any column to suite your needs: checkpoints, pits, or anything required.

  • Hover over any time and see the racer's split against other ranks.


Is ProDRT hard to use?

     The main window of ProDRT allows you to see all of the racer's information, on the left, at the same time. On the right, lap times are recorded each time you click the [Lap] button. Rank positions are shown, instantly, and hovering the mouse over any lap time shows the calculated times, between other racers on that checkpoint/lap/pit, either plus or minus.

     You may use the [Lap] Button, or manually enter times by typing right onto the table that you see in the screenshot above. Quickly add/remove new racers with the press of one button. Set the Master Timer to any desired number and click START or reset as needed. Save the data on the table and bring it up during the race, or any other time.

     Although deduction times are optional, they are not required. ProDRT can be used to time any racing event, while utilizing its features and ease-of-operation, in just the same way.

     Additionally, the manual for ProDRT is included from the HELP menu and can be viewed at any time. For more information watch the video tutorials, from the top menu, to see if ProDRT may suit your race timing needs.


Does ProDRT have a cost?

     Professional Deduction Race Timer (ProDRT) retails for $30.00 USD. This price includes unlimited downloads of, and upgrades to, the 2.5 version of ProDRT. Purchasing users also receive premium Email support for any issues including, but not limited to: activation, technical, and usage. Email for purchasing users is answered on the same day it is received.


What kind of program is ProDRT?

     ProDRT is a Java™ program; it is written in Java™ and requires the Java™ Run-Time Environment (JRE) on any device that will run ProDRT. Being a Java™ program has several advantages: ProDRT can run on virtually any device such as, but not limited to: Desktops, Laptops (Note-Books and Net-Books), and Tablet PCs. This also means that ProDRT is compatible with just about any Operating System (OS) such as, but not limited to: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/Unix.


Does ProDRT have limitations?

     Android™ (Dalvik) platform is currently in active development.

     iPad™ platform does not support Java™ so ProDRT will not run.