Change Log:

ProDRT-2.5_0.7.6 2013-06-14 - Added option to set a window as Master Timer for all others.
- Added text file export from File menu.
- Updated ProDRT manual to reflect changes.
- Windows Icon looks better.
ProDRT-2.5_0.7.5 2013-06-12 - Operating System (OS) file association.
- Offering .EXE for Windows installation.
- Offering .JAR for cross-platform use.
ProDRT-2.5_0.7.4 2013-06-09 - Added feature to change window color.
- Changed Add/Remove method for rows and columns.
- Deduction Configuration added to Edit Menu.
- Open multiple windows more easily.
ProDRT-2.5_0.7.3 2013-05-31 - Added menu item to adjust row height.
- Added check-board paint job to content frame.
ProDRT-2.5_0.7.2 2013-05-16 - Moved a few menu items.
- Centered a few dialog popup windows.
ProDRT-2.5_0.7.1 2013-05-10 - Added menu item to change window name.
- Added menu item to change column header names.